The Fertile Mind of Dr. Deborah Hill

December 20, 2021
These days, Dr. Deborah Hill runs both Shielders Company offices, in Los Angeles and in Las Vegas, but she is bound and determined to see to it that her company spreads nationwide and helps people overcome problems in offices in all 50 states. At the heart of the Shielders Company is a program she refers to as the Shield Method, which is something she developed to show people who tomake use their “super willpower” to guide their mind in a way that stops them from doing things that are not good for them.

One thing to know about Dr. Deborah Hill is, she is not about the money; she truly wants to help people. That is why, when Once the Shielders Company goes national, anyone who previously participated in clinical trials will be given the opportunity to repeat their experience, as a show of appreciation for what Dr. Hill feels she has received from others. Dr. Deborah Hill is a licensed and board certified chiropractor operating out of the state of California, who has been known for quite some time as a highly accomplishedchiropractor who has treated a large number of people for many different conditions over the course of her decades-long career.

Dr. Deborah Hill Created The Shield Method to Save Lives

September 21, 2021
The Shield Method promotes greater personal control, including weight loss, and Dr. Deborah Hill is using this program as the centerpiece for the Shielders Company, which she believes will be a huge entrepreneurial success. So far, Dr. Hill has overseen two clinical studies of the Shield Method for weight loss and the results have been very promising. She is currently in the process of conducting the third and final clinical trial in advance of its national release, which is imminent.

Currently, The Shielders Company is operating in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, but Dr. Deborah Hill, Los Angeles Chiropractor, hopes to bring the Shield Method she devel-oped nationwide very soon.Once the company is operating nationwide, Dr. Hill will invite those who participated in previous clinical trials to repeat the entire final program for free, as a thank you for helping them reach the ultimate goal. This is a great benefit, since the final program will include all the latest breakthroughs and all changes and tweaks to the Shielders Method that have come about thanks to their very valuable help.

A Profile of Shielders Founder Dr. Deborah Hill

June 18, 2021
Dr. Deborah Hill founded the Shielders Company as a way to administer several programs she has been developing to help people improve their health and their overall lives while lessening the reliance on drugs and other chemicals. Her Shield Method is a centerpiece of the company; something Dr. Hill developed quite a few years ago. The Shielders program teaches adherents to employ their “super willpower” in all types of personal situations. By using what’s already inside them, many people can fight back against the mind, even as it tries to force them to do things they know are not good for them.

Shielders is based on the concept that the mind tends to be far more powerful than most realize, their super willpower can help them overcome urges to do all sorts of things they know they shouldn’t and that are not good for them, like eating too much and not exercising enough. The Shielders Company and Dr. Deborah Hill want people to have more control over their urges. She believes Shielders Company will be a huge entrepreneurial success.